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Are you unsure and do not fully understand how the market works and how you can earn on it? We guarantee: after just a few minutes you will get all necessary information you need to start trading, learn why it is profitable, and understand the mechanics of exchange trading.

What are binary options?

An option is a contract, in which you have the right to buy or sell goods or securities at a specified price on a previously agreed time period. You have the right – not the obligation. You do not have to conclude your transaction, if you believe conditions are unfavorable, and you can wait a favorable moment to buy or sell. A binary option involves a fixed payout, it either brings or does not bring a profit, but it lets you understand in advance - before signing the contract - the amount of profit and possible risks.

Why is it profitable?

Binary options are the easiest option for a beginning trader. There are no half-measures or half-tones: you either get your profit or not. At the same time you don't have to buy an option at an unfavorable price. In fact, a trader only needs to predict the movement of prices – whether they will rise or fall over time. The amount of profit per trade is 70-85% or more. You also choose yourself when to close an option – with less emotion involved, and lower chance to make a wrong decision. The risk is minimal as you can only lose the money spent on purchasing the option.

How to start trading?


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Experts of BNR Options are always ready, and will be happy to help you to achieve success in binary options trading. Professionals with solid experience can provide valuable advice to let you accurately predict prices.


Discuss with the broker your future trading strategy

Do not rely on intuition - only firm adherence to a trading strategy will lead to success. Tell your broker what you will be guided when making your decisions. It will help you to adjust the strategy in order to make the most profitable deals and to avoid losses.


Start to profit

Predict the price movement, buy and sell binary options on favorable terms, gain maximum profit from each transaction! Binary options is the path to financial independence that realizes the biggest dream.