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20 02 2019

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Binary options

Binary options are a type of exchange contracts. They are often called a derivative financial instrument but they differ from stock trading mainly by their simplicity and clarity. For successful trading in the binary options market, you don’t need to have an experience in financial operations or an investment portfolio of tens of thousands of dollars. The most important thing about binary options is the profit that you can get by defining the right direction of the asset quotation. The principle is straightforward: if the price direction matches your forecast, you will get money on your account, if not – you will not risk anything but the sum you made the deal for. This simplicity allows managing risks and allocating the sum of a trading account, visualising the daily, weekly, or monthly profit. An alternative name for this instrument is “all or none” options. The instrument exists since 2008 and it has been at the peak of popularity for the fourth year in a row.

Binary options derived their name from the term “binary”, which is “dyadic”. The trading is rather transparent: a trader opens a deal for the direction of movement of a particular financial asset rate. There are only two possible options: either a forecast turns out or a trader fails, i.e. either “yes” or “no”. If a trader makes a right forecast, he gets a fixed bonus. Otherwise, he loses the sum he opened the deal for, leaving the whole remaining deposit untouched. The actual difference between the asset rate at the moment of purchase at option and the rate at the moment of the option exercise is not important.

While a trader’s profit in the Forex market depends on the rate difference, a profit of a binary options trader depends solely on the right choice of trend’s direction. You get a fixed profit with the margin known in advance making exact predictions of your risks at the same time. This makes calculations easier, as it is possible to count up a potential profit margin for each trade. The number of trades with options per day a trader has depends only on his trade model and skills. He may have even more trades with options than trades with actual assets, as it is easier to manage open positions. This trading is considered to be less complicated and more suitable both for beginners and for the traders who do not like high-risk trades.

Moreover, for traders with a small deposit, binary options market will be more feasible than any other, due to the sums allocation among trades. In comparison, the majority of Forex traders start working with a deposit of less than one thousand US dollars, and the cost of a trade ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars. However, there are no trading value limits at binary options – trade sums start with 1 US dollar. Relatively low risks, easy management, and the minimum entry threshold make this instrument not only high-yielding but convenient and far more dynamic than its old counterparts.

So the main thing you need to know about binary options can be summed up in a few simple points: they allow you to make money while trading online; you are not bound by limits on trades opening; you know all the details of your investment, starting with an opening period and ending with a profit amount. And the most crucial thing – it is fast. The exercise time for your trade starts from 30 seconds, which means that you will see your investment performance right after the investment completion. Just half a minute, and your deposit grows bigger.

Binary Options: How to Trade

Getting started

Do financial markets seem difficult to you? Once you start working on the BnrOptions trading platform, you will understand that skills depend solely on the experience, and online trading will quickly become your second profession.

Creating an account on the website takes a few seconds. To start trading, it is necessary to create an account by filling in all fields in the registration form. Indicate your name, last name and valid e-mail. We will verify your account, and after that you will be able to make a deposit and start trading on the platform at once.

During registration, you get an access to the trading platform and a possibility to see relevant charts. However, you can open positions only after you have deposited funds to the account. The test version of the platform is available for free as well. The window you see in front of you in this section differs from the real mode one, so you cannot withdraw the money you earned. Try, open a few positions! The green button allows you to make a deal for the quotation decrease, the red one – for the increase. Fix an amount and click one of the buttons. In thirty seconds you will know how accurate you were in defining the chart’s movement.

Your binary platform

Learn about functions of the platform before you start trading. If you have any questions, address them to our specialists or check the “Training” section with its information about the platform operation. Once you are ready, you will see the market of binary options and a long list of the assets you can open positions on. Your task is to define a deal time, choose an investment sum, and fix your projected price movement. The open position will be in front of you all the time. Simultaneously, you can open as many positions as you want within the sum of your deposit. If you have insufficient funds on your account and the positions are still open, top up your deposit or wait till the positions expire.

Funds withdrawal is carried out in your personal account. When you press the deposit funds withdrawal button, we get a corresponding request, verify and confirm it. And after this the bank sends you a full withdrawal amount.

Technical issues are over, and you can start trading. It is worth noting at once that there are no universal rules to guarantee high profits in the financial market. But there are strategies and analysis methods which allow to get trading skills and quickly adapt to market conditions. Trade assets quotations are influenced by many factors, and it is impossible to cover all possible combinations. Moreover, the market also depends on the actions of traders themselves. Any successful strategy gives a rise to the followers and opponents who strengthen asset price fluctuations, as soon as demand or proposal grows.

Fast learning, fast trading

How to trade then? Get used to the trading platform and take time watching all training materials. The market dynamics and specifics of trade strategies become clearer when the explanation comes from a professional. We provide you with instruments for technical analysis, inflow curves and trading signals, which will make your trading easier and more accurate. Select your expiration period. Maybe you like the dynamics of 60 second options? Or do you prefer medium-term deals up to three-four days? These and other settings of the trading platform will allow you to choose your market conduct style and become a successful trader.

How to Work with Binary Options

Calculate your profit

The binary option profit margin depends on two parameters: how correct you were in defining the vector of asset price movement and what the amount you opened the position on was. The profit ratio may vary according to the volatility level, but it always remains in 75-90% range for each deal. You get a known sum, the amount of which is entirely beyond the jump in the price of an exchange instrument traded on the platform – currency pairs, metal or shares. You do not make any deals with the asset itself and are not dependant upon its true value.

How to calculate the profit? Take, for example, the EUR/USD currency rate with 85% profitability. If you plan to invest $100 in the deal, in just a few minutes you will get $100 + $100*85% = $185 on your account from the deal completion. The next deal for the same amount will increase the profit up to $270, another one – up to $355. Six successful deals of ten are enough for stable increase of your deposit. No other financial instrument provides such terms.

In case of an unprofitable deal, financial losses cannot exceed the option cost. The basic trader’s capital is under the reliable protection. Unless you open a position, you may dispose it at your discretion, withdrawing or adding funds. This can decrease trading risks and help you to allocate funds to your maximum benefit.

At the very first glance at the platform, two buttons, the red and the green ones, strike the eye. These are the core managing elements: the Call button opens a position for asset price increase and the Put button, vice versa, opens a position for the cost decrease. The zigzag line you see as a dynamic chart in front of you is the reflection of quotations leaps. This is the price of the selected currency pair, metal or company shares that changes every second. Another mode of presenting it is Japanese candlesticks, the form in which traders throughout the world used to see it.

The horizontal axis of the chart is the time period the position is opened for. For binary options, time is the most crucial parameter, especially if the market dynamics open maximum opportunities for investors. The variety of periods, ranging from 30 seconds to weeks and months, provides you instruments for the use of both short- and long-term forecasts for optimum trading results.

Ready to try? Register on the website and enter the Deposit section. Once we confirm your account and you top up your trading account, you may start trading. The online interface allows you to make deals from anywhere in the world. You will not need any additional software or settings. A standard browser and Internet connection will suffice. Choose the assets you find the most perspective or contact our specialists. Top status users may use services of a personal manager who will help to keep up with the news and track the markets in real time.

Mobile trading platform

Best trading application for your Android.
All features of platform on your hand!

Binary Options Market

Financial markets take into account deals of traders throughout the world, no matter which exchange the deal was made at and which capital the time allows to trade in. Some assets never stop being sold and purchased, others, like companies’ shares, are traded only in a specific time due to trades localisation in a particular city. However, it does not prevent all other market participants from making deals for these shares’ price increase or decrease. With online platforms you may be in Buenos Aires and buy shares of Chinese oil companies or forecast their increase in the next 24 hours. A tablet or a mobile phone will suffice to trade from anywhere in the world.

At BnrOptions, we work so that you get quotations with the minimum exchange delay. Your profit gain depends on how fast you can respond to market changes. It is a matter of seconds following financial news release and political events. The faster your response is, the higher your income will be!

Choose your assets

Every trader chooses the assets he finds the most comfortable to work with. For the most dynamic and fast market players, the best asset is currency pairs. They respond to all events worldwide, thousand trades make quotations change several times a second, and each change brings profit. The volume of the currency market is immense, and trades will not stop until there is at least one exchange running. The most known currency pair in the world is EUR/USD, the euro to the US dollar, which is very sensitive to any changes in the economies of the European Union or the United States. Equally important are Japanese yen, British pound, Chinese yuan and other currencies of the largest countries.

More relaxed traders prefer assets known in the market for decades – oil, gold, shares of large corporations that keep their movement vector for a long time. These deals are made for several hours or days. The profit will naturally be lower, but the risk is considerably decreased as well. Among these assets, there are shares of technological companies, such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Tesla, etc., which depend on profit indicators and market conditions. They decrease and increase dozens of times in a month. The traders who earn from these shares keep up with the news of the digital world: each technological advance brings opportunities for an immediate spike or an equally rapid growth.

Surely, assets interconnection plays an important role. For example, the higher the dollar is, the lower prices for gold are; the higher prices for oil are, the higher prices for Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and ruble are. Copper prices indirectly depend on yuan. Shares of companies are closely interconnected with currencies of the countries in which these companies are located. There are a lot of regularities in the world helping you to earn from your own knowledge.

The full list of assets available to you counts dozens of items. We provide you with an access to the most popular currency pairs, shares, exchange rates, metals and oil futures – five days a week, from the opening of the exchange till its closing time. Experiment, try new techniques and strategies! Investment portfolios of the best investors hold lots of positions with common objectives to secure your capital from financial risks without losing profitability. The more positions you open and the more assets you use – the wider your trading range of instruments will be.


Training on Binary Options Trading

Learn how to trade

Binary options are perfect both for beginners and experienced traders – it is possible to start trading them with virtually no experience, even though more and more professional traders attend to this instrument. In the vastness of financial markets, any person inevitably faces challenges – the economic situation changes every minute, and it is quite difficult to guess what will happen tomorrow unless one has analysis skills. We are interested in your success on our platform. Therefore we prepared interactive educational materials and other instructions which will help you to get a better orientation in daily quotations surges and open profitable positions even in the unstable environment.

For each trader, who opens an account on our website, we prepared a selection of informational articles and video lessons which is regularly updated. Choose what interests you the most, watch strategies, elements of technical analysis and chart figures, details on important global economic indicators or companies’ reports, follow updates, and track your deals bringing you profit more often!

We care about your success

We will teach you to understand the language of analytical reviews and get a useful information about the most trade-appealing assets, quotes movement direction, and volumes of the deals. We did our best for you to find out why the economic news is that important, how it influences on the market, and why all reputable brokers’ websites feature the calendar of economic events. The best investment ideas are generated from timely received trading signals which draw your attention to the right assets. All you need is to remember about strategies for the risk decrease and profit increase. Read our articles: our Training Department specialists keep up with new trends in the market and regularly update materials, hence they are relevant and do not leave gaps in your understanding of the operation of the financial markets world.

Training videos will help you to get a feel for the platform as soon as possible, check its functionality, and be prepared for trading. A few minutes that you devote to watching them will give you an advantage at first deals and will save your deposit from typical errors. Do not hurry to start trading, get accustomed with all elements of the online system and ensure that all settings are defined correctly. Thus neither expiration time, nor the deal amount, nor the asset you opened the position on will be a surprise for you.

A separate training section presents live examples based on real charts which our specialists provide at internal webinars of the company. Their market experience allows you to see all assets’ specifics, to manage your trading in the course of the webinar and to work out an optimum strategy. Besides, webinars help you to orient in the world of investments and trading instruments, master new elements of technical analysis, and build your own trading systems. Only through practice under the guidance of professionals you can acquire the most valuable knowledge and trading experience. Note: participation in all webinars is available free of charge for top status traders.

On the training section pages, you can also find electronic books integrating information in sections. You may download and use them when you feel uncertain in details. In case you need more extensive information, you can contact our specialists and get a fast consultation at any time.

Account Types

from $250
  • Bonus: 20%
  • Training: Yes
  • Live phone support
  • Ebook: Yes
  • Tutorial: No
  • Signals: No
  • Analytics: No
from $1000
  • Bonus: 25%
  • Training: Yes
  • Live phone support
  • Ebook: Yes
  • Tutorial: 5 free lessons
  • Signals: Yes
  • Analytics: No
from $5 000
  • Bonus: 30%
  • Training: Yes
  • Live phone support
  • Ebook: Yes
  • Tutorial: 10 free lessons
  • Signals: Yes
  • Analytics: Yes
from $10 000
  • Bonus: 50%
  • Training: Yes
  • Live phone support
  • Ebook: Yes
  • Tutorial: unlimited
  • Signals: Yes
  • Analytics: Yes

Your account is not only the money that you can use to open positions. BnrOptions provides its investors with additional opportunities which make trading easier and more comfortable. You decide which offer suits you, and you can also change your choice at any time, if you think that basic opportunities are not enough yet and you want more. More profit, more trading signals, private consultations and bonuses for income increase – all you may need for successful trades.

The account change is possible through contacting one’s account manager and increasing the amount of one’s trading account. You may not only open more positions and operate qualitatively new profit amounts, but you also get special trading terms – the higher the status is, the faster the account is verified to start trading. And, certainly, many paid functions are available as a baseline proposal for Silver, Gold, or Platinum accounts.

What do you get with the activated account, regardless of the status? Online support for your trading account, available from 7am to 8pm UTC every day for any possible situations. We provide the materials that will help you to master trading basics and elementary training. The faster you start playing freely on the trading platform, the faster the first profit appears on your account! For Silver, Gold, and Platinum account types, extra lessons are available. They will step by step take you closer to the professional trading level. No matter what account you choose, we are online and ready to advise you on any trading issues.

Nothing is as important for a trader as analytics; intra-daily and long-term forecasts, defining the market behaviour; the news, affecting emergence of new tendencies, and rapidly changing traders’ moods. The data of technical and fundamental analysis is compiled in a readable and comprehensible form, and it is available for owners of Gold or Platinum accounts. We provide you with information about the most important issues in the world of finance, leaving only the key news and details for successful trading operations.

Apart from analytics, which allow to build a trading strategy, there are also rapid changes which enable to judge the most suitable moment for opening a position. BnrOptions offers to customers trading signals for defining the formation start or the change point of a new trend. Choose which assets interest you the most and open profitable positions on currency pairs, raw materials, corporate shares, or indices. The advantage is on your side: the more accurately you define the right moment, the higher your chance to get the profit. Accounts of different statuses get a different number of signals. Everything depends on your readiness to trade and earn.

Another distinction among the statuses is a different number of bonus funds which are available for different accounts; these funds are added to your trading account and increase your trading opportunities. The higher your status is, the more beneficial terms you get – up to the duplication of your deposit amount. Use bonus funds while opening positions with no limits, and you will get a chance to withdraw them as your own funds.

Your income depends on the instruments you use. In the right hands, knowledge, bonus funds on the account, and the promptly provided information turn into these instruments. Choose the terms which suit your trading strategy best and use all the opportunities you get along with the trading account!